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Our overriding belief is that pensions are part of pay and so must support employers’ wider objectives including the recruitment, retention and succession of staff as well as financial and other considerations.

With this focus, pensions can add significant commercial advantage to an employer’s business.  Pensions viewed solely as a cost will damage it.

We advise on:

  • Benefit design (including giving choice or switching between final salary and money purchase)
    This must support employers’ wider objectives, encourage the required behaviours and keep costs within budget
  • Investment strategy
    This must balance fear and greed and recognise strategic issues are of greater importance than issues like the choice of managers
  • Funding policy
    This must balance the needs of members and the employer(s), be consistent with investment strategy and satisfy legal requirements
  • Accounting policy
    This must balance the long term with the short term needs of the business and satisfy the relevant accounting standards
  • Transactions
    Where due diligence and understanding the client’s overall position are paramount
  • Communications
    These must be simple, clear and not misleading

For more information on how these services may be tailored to your needs, please contact Hamish Wilson